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Zip Code API

Zip Code API

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The Zip Code API provides United States zip code data with a comprehensive data model in JSON format. Using REST design, this API can help you build zip validations, city searches, distance calculations, radius searches and many other key functions for your applications.

Fast API Responses

Millisecond response times for Zip Code API responses.

Always Up to Date

The Zip Code database is updated monthly with the latest Zip Code changes from USPS.

JSON Responses

Well structured JSON responses with a very complete and enhanced data model for US zip codes.

Free to Try

We offer a free tier that allows you to try the full functionality of the zip code database



  • 1,000 API requests per month
  • 2MB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 Concurrent Calls
  • Email Support


  • 250,000 API requests per month
  • 422MB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Concurrent Calls
  • Dedicated Support


  • Unlimited API requests per month
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Dedicated Support

Complete and comprehensive data model for each Zip Code in the USA

Sample Zip Code Object for Beverly Hills:

	"zipCode": "90210",
	"uspsMainCityKey": "Z20259",
	"uspsMainCityName": "BEVERLY HILLS",
	"titleCaseCityName": "Beverly Hills",
	"zipClassificationCode": "N",
	"zipClassificationDesc": "Non-Unique Zip",
	"uspsFacilityCode": "P",
	"uspsFacilityName": "Post Office",
	"uspsCityMailingInd": true,
	"uspsDeliveryCode": "Y",
	"uspsDeliveryDesc": "Office Has City-Delivery Carrier Routes",
	"uspsCarrierRouteSortCode": "B",
	"uspsCarrierRouteRateSortDesc": "Carrier Route. Sortation/Rates. Apply-Merging Not Permitted",
	"uniqueZipNameInd": false,
	"uspsFinanceNumber": "050666",
	"stateCode": "CA",
	"stateName": "California",
	"stateFipsCode": "06",
	"stateAbbr": "Calif.",
	"countyFipsCode": "037",
	"uspsCountyName": "LOS ANGELES",
	"titleCaseCountyName": "Los Angeles",
	"latitude": 34.100517,
	"longitude": -118.41463,
	"landAreaMi2": 10.125,
	"waterAreaMi2": 0.059,
	"landAreaKm2": 26.22277,
	"waterAreaKm2": 0.153478,
	"divisionCode": "9",
	"divisionName": "Pacific Division",
	"regionCode": "4",
	"regionName": "West Region",
	"msaCode": "31080",
	"msaName": "Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA Metro Area",
	"cityAliases": [
			"uspsCityKey": "Z20259",
			"uspsCityName": "BEVERLY HILLS",
			"titleCaseCityName": "Beverly Hills",
			"uspsCityAbbr": null,
			"uspsCityMailingInd": true,
			"uspsMainCityInd": true
	"zipCodeStatistics": [
			"year": 2000,
			"totalPopulation": 21396,
			"malePopulation": 10061,
			"femalePopulation": 11335
			"year": 2010,
			"totalPopulation": 21741,
			"malePopulation": 10292,
			"femalePopulation": 11449

Documentation for this API can be found here. See all endpoints, security, examples, and well as multiple programming languages examples.

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