Getting Started with Metadapi

Step 1. Registration

The first step to get started, is to register yourself with This allows you to have an account with us with access to try any API available on the site as well as view stats, and gain access to the management dashboards. Registration is easy, either click on the Registration link on the upper right corner of the site, 

or visit: 

Step 2. Select your API’s

Visit our API product page where you can see all of the API’s available at Metadapi.  

Select the API you are interested in to view the detail options for the API. Here you will see what the API contains, the overall functionality, links to documentation and a description of each of the Tiers available for the API. 

All API’s have a “Free Tier” option that allows you to try the API first, and they also have the paid options (“Basic”, “Professional”, “Enterprise”). Some API’s may not have all the paid tiers. Depending on your application needs, you can select the best option that fits your needs.  We recommend that free tiers to be used for proof of concepts, developments, or trials. We recommend production environments to leverage the paid tiers to guarantee production level service.

When you select the "Subscribe" button, a pop up window will appear with the registration workflow. 

In step you you confirm the product you wish to subscribe to.  If you are a new customer, the workflow will ask for some basic information, and depending on the product tier selected, your billing information (for paid subscriptions). 

When you confirm your subscription information, the workflow will open a subscription success page if the checkout process was successful.  

When you select "View Your API Key" you can immediately access they API keys needed to start using your product right away. 

At any time you can view all of the API keys in your account by visiting My Account/My APIs:



You are ready to start using your new APIs !!!

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