Enhanced Zip Code API Now Includes Latest Census Population Data for 2020

The Zip Code API is now updated with the latest Census Population Data for the year 2020. This enhancement aims to provide developers and businesses with a robust tool for accessing accurate and current demographic information.

With this update, users of the API can now seamlessly integrate the most recent population statistics into their applications, enhancing the precision of their analyses and decision-making processes. The inclusion of 2020 Census data further solidifies the API as a vital resource for anyone seeking comprehensive and up-to-date information related to zip codes and their corresponding populations.

Whether it's for market research, targeted advertising, or demographic analysis, the enhanced Zip Code API opens new possibilities for creating applications that demand the most recent and reliable census data. Developers can now harness this powerful tool to build innovative solutions that cater to a wide range of industries, making informed decisions based on the latest demographic insights.

The statistics array in the zip code JSON response shows the last 3 decennial census information by zip code:

"zipCodeStatistics": [
                "year": 2000,
                "totalPopulation": 21396,
                "malePopulation": 10061,
                "femalePopulation": 11335
                "year": 2010,
                "totalPopulation": 21741,
                "malePopulation": 10292,
                "femalePopulation": 11449
                "year": 2020,
                "totalPopulation": 21134,
                "malePopulation": 10099,
                "femalePopulation": 11035

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